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[17:19] < PCTek> "The pizza is round, the garbage can is round, why does the box have to be SQUARE?!"

[09:52] * MrMojo still maintains its the responsibility of undermac ops to be assholes. to figth fire with fire, we have to be bigger pricks than anyone we should encounter! :)

[17:27] < Capa> my interest is fast since i have dsl at work.

[15:36] <@kev_> im more fun when im stoned too
[15:36] < Snausages> kev: you're more fun when I'm stoned, too.

[23:19] *** blodyholy! has quit: Sometimes I try to masturbate long words into a conversation. Even if I dont know what they mean.

[09:30] < morden1> It's all fun and games until someone loses a skyline.

[22:22] < wilkz> "you dont want to sell me deathsticks" /jedi wave "i dont want to sell you deathsticks" "i want to go away and rethink my life" /jedi wave "i want to go away and rethink my life"
[22:34] < ramoth4> Steve should try that in his switch ads
[22:34] < ramoth4> "/jedi wave you want to buy a macintosh"
[22:34] < ramoth4> "/jedi wave windows is the devil"
[22:34] < ramoth4> "/jedi wave OSX is better than sex"

[11:17] < wilkz> iin what way is 'the force' identical to 'duct tape'?
[11:17] < wilkz> it has a light side, a dark side, and it binds the galaxy together....

[07:44] <Twist> oh dear lord
[07:45] <Twist> I just hit my stupidity threshold, and it's not even time to start working yet.
[07:46] <Twist> The lady in the next cube was upgrading the memory in her laptop.. and she says.. "My laptop isn't recognizing this new RAM.. do I have to reboot after I install it?"
[07:47] <Twist> so I look over there..
[07:47] * kriptik cringes
[07:47] <DShadow> twist: please tell me she at least put it to sleep...
[07:48] <Twist> and she's got two laptops sitting there running upside-down, and she's swapping the ram around between them.
[07:48] <Twist> (ram access panel is on the bottom)
[07:49] <Tohatsu> that's some serious hot swapping...=)
[07:49] <Twist> DShadow: no, she was juggling chips, then flipping the machines back over and looking in the system control panel to see if the installed ram size had changed..
[07:49] <DShadow> !
[07:49] <Twist> IT professionals. Gotta love 'em.
[07:49] <DShadow> and the machines hadn't died?
[07:49] <Twist> I think one of the chips died.
[07:50] <kriptik> hahaha
[07:50] <Twist> were they locking up, you mean? I didn't watch that long.
[07:50] <kriptik> ahhaha
[07:50] <Twist> I had to leave... nothing good would have come from having a laugh-siezure right in front of her.

[21:28] * ChrisC clicks on mledford's crotch

[22:32] <Babble> if Wal-Mart woke up one day and realized it was queer, it would be Ikea

[11:43] <BatmanX> mledford: squeaky clean?
[11:43] * JFK- rubs mledford to see if he squeaks
[11:43] <mledford> <squeaks>
[11:44] <mledford> JFK: and your hands are still soft too

[16:12] <mledford_> does Java use sockets as we know it from unix?
[16:13] <mcc> i think it can..?
[16:13] <mcc> hmm
[16:13] <DShadow_> mledford: No, Java uses socklets
[16:13] <mcc> what's the difference between a socket and a mentat stream
[16:13] <DShadow_> they're almost the same as sockets, but they're fuzy and cling to your feet when they get wet.
[16:14] <mcc> i think it can be taken as assumed that anything related to the java API is fuzzy and clings to your feet when it gets wet.
[16:14] <mledford_> DShadow: ewww, then I hate those

[22:48] <Twist> look maw.. no server

[16:14] <MrMojo> yno this is an interesting discussion. it has all the earmarks of an argument, but everyone seems to agree with everyone else
[16:14] <MrMojo> god bless the RIAA. at last, a single common enemy

[00:30] <mledford> "Have you carbonized your package today?"

[00:54] *** Quits: FarmerJoe:#macintosh [] (Excess Flood)
[00:55] *** Joins: FarmerJoe [] has joined #macintosh
[00:55] <timeless> FarmerJoe: may i sell you a dam?
[00:55] *** Quits: FarmerJoe:#macintosh [] (Excess Flood)

[15:43] <Dr_Stein> Here's my plan.. DON'T BUY ANYTHING. *cry*
[15:44] <Dr_Stein> spend ALL of your money on BILLS
[15:44] <DShadow_> I don't have to, and the only thing that keeps me doing it is the pretty graphs of my net worth going up
[15:44] <Dr_Stein> be FLAT FRIGGIN BROKE your ENTIRE LIFE!!
[15:44] <BooEBear> my check card actually has more protections than a regular Visa.
[15:44] <Dr_Stein> Nobody will EVER steal my shitty identity! And if they do, they'll beg me to take it back! BWHAHAHAHAHA

10/31/2001 - Submitted by DShadow
[12:35] * BagOfPoo sits on the porch, burning menacingly.
[12:35] * Snausages looks out the window, smelling a fire
[12:36] *** Snausages [uhhh@] is now known as bagVICTIM
[12:36] * bagVICTIM opens the door and finds a fire
[12:36] * bagVICTIM attempts to stomp out the fire
[12:36] * BagOfPoo runs around, avoiding the outlandishly large feet.
[12:37] <SpookyKev> kick the bag
[12:37] * JFK- ewwwws
[12:37] *** BagOfPoo has been kicked from #macintosh by DShadow_ [] (Kick the Bag!)
[12:37] <DShadow_> eeewwwwwww....look what it left on my shoes!
[12:37] *** Joins: SplatMark [] has joined #macintosh
[12:37] *** Mode change for #macintosh by MacGOD: +o SplatMark
[12:37] <JFK-> hahaha
[12:37] * SplatMark oozes down the wall
[12:38] * JFK- sprays SplatMark with ultra concentrated spiff-o shitbag remover paste gel super plus!
[12:38] <JFK-> With cheese.
[12:38] *** SplatMark [] is now known as PooVapor
[12:38] * PooVapor dissipates.
[12:38] <JFK-> Who farted?
[12:38] *** PooVapor [] is now known as Twist

[23:38] <portland> pthreads
[23:38] <portland> and those are ?
[23:38] <BatmanX> POSIX threads
[23:38] *** Joins: MReedB [mreedb@] has joined #macintosh
[23:38] <mledford> POSIX threads
[23:38] *** Mode change for #macintosh by X: +o MReedB
[23:39] <portland> ah posix
[23:39] <mledford> ahh, buzz word
[23:40] <mledford> pthreads let's you go to the bathroom when you have new clothes. It keeps the p from getting on the threads


[11:27] <Dr_Stein> damn it! I sold some guy some cocaine and he thought it was anthrax!

[22:49] * DShadow kicks bats
[22:49] * BatmanX hugs cvs
[22:49] <DShadow> thanks
[22:49] <BatmanX> DShadow: what!?!
[22:49] <DShadow> now I've got three terminal windows stuck in mid-minimize
[22:49] <BatmanX> DShadow: hahahha
[22:50] <Magic_Al> must be a distortion in the space-time continuum. Hang on, I'll get some superglue.

[10:51] * Snausages searches for arabic vampire porn
[10:52] <kathee> DS has a PORN site??
[10:52] <BatmanX> sex too?
[10:52] <erisynne> hurray for sex

[01:37] * EuroTrash makes a note to get some screws from Radi shack
[01:39] <moosen8r> euro: i have 200 screws arriving tuesday
[01:39] <fly|ife> hehe
[01:39] <EuroTrash> Have a good screw mate
[01:40] <moosen8r> euro: now now...
[01:40] <fly|ife> (+)\\\\> does that look like a screw?
[01:40] <Capa> cool
[01:40] <moosen8r> euro" i'll take some pics over the weekend so you can see step-by-step on how its down
[01:40] <Capa> yup
[01:40] <Capa> damn, fly, you're screws are sooo goood!
[01:40] <EuroTrash> that would be nice matey
[01:41] * moosen8r has a lot of screws, but dont tell tooncin8r!
[01:41] <Pheromone> LOL
[01:41] * EuroTrash has no screws...PLEASE tell my old lady

[15:12] <JFK--> it's just I've used coiled ext. cords and had nothing happen
[15:12] <Snausages> changing the shape of its conductor will affect its flow.
[15:13] <fGewA> the same is true of music, too


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