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I've been reading up on reviews of Apple's iPod. I want one. I don't have $399 to blow though.

One comment about the reviews though. Wintel uses are complaining that they can't use the device. So what. What about all those Wintel peripherals that don't work on the Macintosh because the manufacturers aren't writing the Macintosh drivers/software?

So, Apple announced the iPod today. 5GB hard drive, FireWire, 10-hour battery life, ultra-slim. I'm really not sure what to think of it. Apple should be marketing it as a FireWire storage device that also plays MP3s though. Still, it looks cool.

Apple iPod

New site. Still working on moving everything over to the new format. It'll be another 3 years till I finish =)

I woke up this morning to blinking lights on my DSL router. Downtime: 10 days. The coolest thing was that the connection I made via dialup after losing broadband stayed up through all 10 days. 252 hours to be exact. Not a single disconnect. I hear that's better than some people's cable/DSL connection.

Screenshots Archive is back to normal. Enjoy.

No DSL yet. Got the equipment but everythign isn't setup yet on the ISP end.

I've lost my DSL connection due to Northpoint going bankrupt. I have a Covad order in that should be completed this weekend (Apr 7th). Until then I'm crippling my screenshots archive so I'll have bandwidth for email and whatever else I'll need to do.

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